AD Customs Motorcycles | Modification Showcase

AD Customs is a motorcycle customization company committed to delivering unique and visually stunning bikes to its clients. Founded in 2017, the company has established itself in a highly competitive market by providing exceptional services, starting from the selection of a base model to designing the final product to the customer’s specifications. On average, the company takes 8-10 weeks to complete its projects.

Recently, AD Customs has launched three new products, Pruthvi, Jal, and Agni, each with its own distinct design and features. 

Pruthvi boasts a parallel twin 648cc oil-cooled engine with a maximum power output of 47 bhp and a maximum torque of 52nm. It features a custom twin double chassis, a forest green color with golden finishing, a high-performance K&N air filter, a telescopic front fork, and a cruiser fuel tank with increased fuel capacity.

Jal, inspired by oceanic colors, is equipped with a parallel twin 655cc engine with a high compression piston dome for an 11:1 ratio and a custom-made cafe racer chassis. It also includes a dual suspension and a high-performance dual-front master braking system.

Agni, inspired by the sun, features a V twin air-cooled 883cc engine with a maximum power of 51.6ps and a maximum torque of 68nm. It is built with a trellis chassis and 1950s Harley vintage forks assembly and boasts a sparking silver color and deep engraving design.

AD Customs – Product Showcase

Other than these, their portfolio also includes the HARDTAIL 350, METEOR COPPER 350, CLARET 750, and GILT 500, each with its own distinct features and design.

The HARDTAIL 350 was launched on 20th Feb 2022, and it offers full customization with a build duration of 6-8 weeks. It features a vintage look with a hardtail chassis, GT front forks, 18-inch tires and rims, 6-inch mounted lights, a shorter handlebar, a custom fender, seat, and exhaust. The mix of matte black and copper touch on the spoke, headlight ring, brake lever, and seat spring makes the bike stand out.

The METEOR COPPER 350 was launched on 10th Feb 2022 and features partial customization with a build duration of 4-6 weeks. The bike boasts an oval signature design with 19/17 inch vintage tires, a copper front forks cover, 6-inch LED lights, a subline fender, and a border handlebar. It’s a great option for those looking for a unique customization for their Royal Enfield Meteor.

The CLARET 750 was launched on 24th Jan 2022, offering partial customization with a build duration of 4-6 weeks. Made from a Harley Davidson Street 750, the bike features a vintage 16-inch tire and a narrow T plate for a classic and premium look. It also has updated lights, a handlebar, a seat, and a Screaming Eagle exhaust, with a mix of matte black and red.

The GILT 500 was launched on 5th Jan 2022 and offers partial customization with a build duration of 4-6 weeks. Designed specifically for short-heightened people, the bike features a classic look with an inverted fork assembly and 17-inch alloy tires for off-roading. It has also been customized with lights, seats, meters, fenders, and thumps, making it a great option for short-heightened riders.

Some of the older but interesting models of  AD Custom include:

The THUNDERBIRD model is designed with a focus on comfort and style, featuring 18-inch tires, a covered front fork, a customized handlebar, a meter, and 6-inch LED light with a Meteor brake light. The model also has a seat and backrest that provides a cruiser look and a gunner exhaust, as per the client’s requirements.

The PUNISHER 500 is a custom model that provides a Punisher look with its off-roader tires, Y-type alloy wheels, front fork covers, 6-inch LED lights, broad cruiser handlebar, and custom front and rear fenders. The bike is finished in a fully black matte color with a red touch, offering a perfect Punisher look.

The BULLET G2 offers a retro-style design with a customized fuel tank, side boxes, seat, lights, handlebar, upgraded rear suspension, and original rims and tires. The maroon color with a gold touch provides a retro look, and simple customization options are available to meet client demands.

The MOCHA 500 is designed to cater to the demands of customers seeking a unique, custom motorcycle with a comfortable riding experience. The bike features an inverted fork assembly, a Bybre disk brake, a 6-inch headlight, a TB fuel tank, a cylindrical design box, and 19/17-inch off-roading tires. The rusty brown color with a copper touch provides a unique look.

The SAPPHIRE is a 500cc motorcycle with a dual exhaust system, finished in a stunning sapphire blue color. The 18-inch Pirelli tires and GT handlebar, combined with customized fenders, provide a perfect look.

The Bloodshot is a fully customized motorcycle with a Harley Davidson 750 Rigid Tubular chassis, offering stability on the roads. The stock front forks with covers, cruiser handlebar, custom bobber fuel tank, seat, fender, and rocking dual exhaust all contribute to a perfect riding experience.

The Copper 350 X is a highly-regarded motorcycle known for its unique appearance, with monster wheel sizes and a combination of copper and matte black finish, and a tan seat adding a touch of uniqueness. The custom fender and cylindrical box also contribute to the bike’s decent look. We featured this motorcycle last year with much fanfare.

The VERDANT 350 is a retro-style motorcycle with a simple design inspired by the old G2 engine. The retro lights, brass levers, custom fuel tank, side box, and seats all contribute to the bike’s retro vintage look.

A comprehensive list of details on all the bikes in AD Custom’s portfolio can be found on their website.