Best Modified Maruti Suzuki Cars (This Week)

Some popular modified Maruti Suzuki models include the Maruti Suzuki Swift, the Maruti Suzuki Ritz, and the old Wagon-R. These cars are popular among enthusiasts who want to add their own personal touch to their vehicles.

Modified Maruti Ritz

The Modified Maruti Ritz is redesigned to feature a sporty look and includes many aesthetic modifications. The exterior has been enhanced with body kits, new alloy wheels, and a rear spoiler. The interior has been given a fresh look with updated upholstery and modern features. The engine has also been upgraded for better performance and fuel efficiency.

Modified Maruti Baleno (new model)

Maruti Baleno modifications are becoming increasingly popular among car enthusiasts. These modifications range from body kits to wheel upgrades, engine swaps and custom exhaust systems. With the right modifications, the Baleno can be transformed into an eye-catching car with improved engine performance, better handling, and enhanced style. The modifications can be as small as a new paint job or as extensive as a complete engine swap. With the help of a skilled mechanic, the Baleno can be modified to a very stylish hot hatch.

Custom Red Maruti Baleno with body kit

Modified Maruti Swift

The Maruti Suzuki Swift has seen several modifications over the years, including engine, exterior and interior changes. Some of the modifications include a more powerful engine, a sportier exterior, and improved interior comfort. Most of the exterior modification has been designed to look more stylish with sporty accents and alloy wheels. The interior has also been updated with improved materials and finishes, as well as better seats and infotainment.

Modified Maruti Gypsy (Offroad)

Maruti Gypsy offroad modifications are popular among offroaders. It has a strong frame, good ground clearance, and a decent engine, making it ideal for offroading. The vehicle can be modified with various parts to enhance its performance, including suspension, wheels, tires, and other components. The vehicle can also be fitted with a winch, a snorkel, and other offroad equipment to make it better suited for tackling tough terrain.