Custom Mercedes X-Class ‘Off-Road’ and ‘Urban’ by Carlex design

Custom Mercedes X-Class Pickup Off-Road

Mercedes X-Class has been given an extreme ‘Off-Road’ and ‘Urban’ variations by Carlex Design. The X-Class ‘Off-road’, as its name suggests, is the go-anywhere version while the ‘Urban’ is a lowered, sport-oriented variant. Both command a good premium over the standard model but definitely look like they are worth it!

Image/Owner Carlex Design
Price X-Class Urban Germany
Price X-Class Off-Road Tesla Model S
Manufacturer Mercedes


If a fancier Mad Max movie was made, the custom Mercedes X-Class ‘Off-road’  will probably feature in it! This variant gets chunkier front and rear tyres, wicked suspension setup and even an optional sound boost to make the it sound like a throaty V8. There’s also fully customised exterior kit fit with plastic cladding, wider fenders, side bars, engine protection cover and a front light bar.

6′ lifted Izuzu D-Max pickup

The X-Class Urban, on the other hand, gets a lowered suspension and larger alloy wheels. Carbon Ceramic brakes and a bunch of exterior enhancements are provided as well.

There’s no lack of upgrades in the interior either, and depending on the variant, carbon fiber trims, leather upholstery, Recaro seats and more are available.

Mercedes X-Class custom red interior

New X-Class interior black Modified

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