Novitec does their magic on Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S gold rim novitec

Novitec does a sexier take on the popular Tesla Model S and we are in awe!

Novitec is known for their wizardry with premium manufacturers like Lamborghini and Maserati. However, lately they have been venturing on to greener pasture, specifically Tesla. They have version of both the Model S and Model X but in this particular post we are dealing with the former only.

Image/Owner Novitec
Place Germany
Model Tesla Model S


Though aerodynamics have improved, almost all the changes are primarily concerned with aesthetic improvement and providing the car with a lower stance.

Being an electric, the Tesla Model S has always been considered a civilized sedan, even though what powers it is nothing of the sort. Novitec has cosmetically enhanced the car by providing front and rear lip spoilers, new rocker panels, a rear diffuser, and in-house 21-inch wheels. Novitec claims that the set-up has added aero benefits and reduces axle lift at high speed, thus improving stability.

Inorder to achieve the lower stance, Novitec use two types of suspension set-ups based on the Model S variant. The car’s that don’t come with  air suspension gets a coilover suspension unit, that can lower ride height by up to 40 millimeters. THis also comes with three damper settings-  Normal, Comfort, and Sport. For variants coming with air suspension, Novitec provides their own control module for lowering height by up to 25mm.

There are no apparent changes to the electric mill but performance is expected to increase. Apart from the aero tweaks, this is achieved mainly by addition of carbon ceramic brakes and other similar weight reduction methods.