4 Big spoilers for the old Honda City

It’s no secret that I am a fan of the old Honda City. They are proper ‘modification’ cars and looks great with even minimal updates. Many owners agree too and that is why they try to keep upgrades as internal as possible.

What I like to see on the City is a modest body kit, great alloy wheels, medium-sized spoilers (or not), and a slightly lower stance. Custom metallic colors are welcome.

It’s pretty easy to ‘Rice’ the machine too. Choosing an oversized spoiler is an easy way to do this but that shouldn’t always be the case. Here are four Honda City cars that got the ‘big spoiler’ game right.

Most of these ‘pedestal spoilers’ are mere aesthetic additions and their effect on drag-reduction is unknown. In fact, these large ‘spoilers’ probably give the opposite effect and increase the downforce and drag- a wing if you term it right.

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Body-Coloured spoilers for Honda City

If you want your spoiler to be a little less inconspicuous, choosing (or painting) a body-colored one is the best way to go. Here are two options:

Thick Spoilers with wide shoulder

Honda City yellow colour mod

The massive spoiler goes surprisingly well with the fierce bring paint job of this Honda city. On its own, either one of them could have been a bit too overwhelming. The spoiler’s beefy shoulders adds to the aesthetics!

The spoiler does seem heavy and impact on performance is unknown.

Lightweight (hollow) spoiler with light

Honda City modification with wng

People prefer thick, large spoilers when they have an oversized rear body kit. However, as I mentioned earlier, their weight is substantial and adds to the overall bulk of the rear.

Hollow spoilers are at least half the weight of a similar-sized standard one and even give enough space to host a taillight.

Black/Carbon Spoilers for Honda City

After-market ‘universal’ spoilers are easier to come by and due to standardization, are available in different sizes and varieties. Here are two that get a shoutout this week:

Beautiful curved spoiler for Purple City

Honda cars and wall grafitti
Zayed Ahmed

I just love this spoiler! It is aesthetically pleasing and seems to have a good amount of aerodynamics. The Spoiler stands are closer to the center which gives a premium appeal. While I am not sure of the brand, there seems to be a ‘Mugen Power‘ sticker on its underside.

Inclined spoiler design for Red Honda City

Large Honda City Spoiler mod

Who doesn’t love black on red cars? It’s an evergreen combination that always gets you a lot of attention! In this particular case though, the black spoiler is a bit ‘over-the-top’ for my taste. Also, I’d really love to know how much drag this produces! (use the comment section below)

Note: This is an impression of just the spoilers and not the entire car. I haven’t made a distinction between spoiler and wing as the purpose here is mainly aesthetic here.

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