Best After-Market Alloy wheel brands in India

India’s after-market alloy wheel market is said to be in its nascent stages, especially considering the sheer number of vehicles the country consumes each year. Most of the current demand for alloy wheels comes from OEM manufacturers but over the past few years, things are clearly changing! A lot of this has to do with an increasing arsenal of good ‘used cars’ for people to choose from! People buy or stick to their old vehicles and keep them updated with few modifications occasionally.

The prominent of these modifications is ‘alloy wheels‘. There is an increasing demand for better-looking wheels for both four- and two-wheelers, and if you are in the market, here’s a guide to all the best brands available in India.

Note that most of these brands have only one or two official distributors, who later supply the products to garages across India. Contact us for knowing the details of a supplier near you.

TSW Wheels

TSW 16 inch wheels

Tiger Sports Wheels (TSW) is one of the oldest after-market alloy wheel manufacturers in the world. It was founded in 1960 by Formula One racing driver Eddie Keizan, in South Africa. The company expanded to many other continents over the years and currently, most of its operation is based out of the US.

TSW has the largest range of staggered one piece alloy wheels in the world, and sells sizes from 17” to 22”. They have a strong presence in India as well.

TSW Alloy wheels India dealersHot Tracks India
Top Lift India
B Moto Accessories India
Calcutta Motors India
Car Trendz India
Jgm Motorsports Private Limited India
Majestic Tyre Centre India
N1 Racing Equipment India
Universal Brakes India

BBS Wheels

Black alloy wheels TSW

Baumgartner Brand Schiltach (BBS) is a German After-Market brand. They produce premium monobloc and forged wheels for high-end cars. Founded in 1970, the company has primary bases in Germany, UK, USA and Japan. 

BBS has distribution networks across the world and a single official dealer in India

BBS Wheels India Dealer PJ Speed Shop, Chennai


golden alloy wheels borbet

Borbet is a Deutsch company that has been making light-weight alloy wheels since 1962. The company itself has a rich heritage spanning back to the late 1800s. Presently, Borbet produces a wide range of alloy wheels in the following categories- Premium, Sports, Classic, and Commercial.

They have one official dealer in India:

Borbet Wheels India DealerPete’s Automotive Products Pvt Ltd.

These wheels come with a two-year warranty on paint and performance. Pete’s is based out of Kochi but they have dealerships/partnerships with garages in other parts of India as well.

OZ Racing Wheels

wire alloy wheels

OZ Racing wheels was founded in 1971 and are one of the most recognisable alloy wheel manufacturers in the world. They are a staple in motor racing and produce wheels for both cars and motorcycles. In fact, their motorcycle division is arguably the more popular of the two and constantly features in race winnings in MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3.

Apart from OZ Racing wheels, they also produce MSW wheels. They also have a contract with ‘SPARCO’ to produce alloy wheels under the brand.

OZ Racing wheels India dealerHot tracks Panin, Bangalore

Rays Wheels

red offroad alloys

Rays Wheels is a Japanese manufacturer that produces wheels for both racing and street use. If you are someone who frequents Instagram, then you must already know how popular these wheels are! This is especially true for their Volk Racing brand.

Rays Wheels was founded in 1973 and currently has one distributor in India

Rays Wheels India dealerPJ Speed Shop, Chennai

Neo Wheels

new city alloy wheels

Neo Wheels Ltd is an Indian Aluminium Alloy wheel company established in 1996. The brand has a strong presence in the country and has over 100 designs and 15+ wheel finishes under its portfolio.

VW Polo on 17″ Neo Wheels

The company is ARAI, ISO and TUV tested, and products are claimed to go through over 13 stringent safety tests. They provide lifetime structural warranty as well!

Neo Wheels dealers IndiaOfficial website
The company has 1000 retail counters across 91 distributors & dealers in India

Plati Alloy wheels

bolero alloy

Plati is another Indian Alloy wheel manufacturer, with headquarters in Ludhiana. It was incorporated in the 90s and started making alloy wheels by 2005- catering to a wide variety of cars, vans and SUVs.

They have over 400 products and claims to be the market leader in terms of sales & brand visibility in the industry

Plati Wheels official dealerWebsite


Think alloy wheels

Enkei is one of the biggest aftermarket alloy wheels brands in the world. They have a standalone division in India -Enkei Wheels (India) Limited which is based out of Pune and was incorporated in 2009.

Enkei India makes products for many OEM manufacturers as well as have a good few options under their own brand. They make alloy wheels for both bikes and cars

Enkei India dealerOfficial website

Momo Wheels

Gold white alloys classic

Moretti Monza (MOMO) is a very reputed OEM and After-Market manufacturing company based in Italy. It was founded 1964, after a custom steering wheel commissioned by founder and race car driver Gianpiero Moretti began to get attention from big race car manufacturers. Ferrari used it to win the Formula One world title the very same year.

Momo has one official distributor in India who cater the wheel to different parts of the country.

Momo Wheel official dealer IndiaSai Mag Wheels, Delhi

MHT Wheels (Includes Niche and Fuel Off-Road)

Jetta alloy rims

MHT Wheels is a high-end and premium after-market company that, through its subsidiary brands, sells alloy wheels in the US and many international markets. They have brands such as:

  • Niche Wheels
  • Fuel Off Road
  • Dub Wheels
  • Foose 
  • US Mag Wheels 
  • Rotiform

All except Rotiform is available in India through their distributor

MHT Wheels Dealer India Balavi Commodities


Classic Thick alloy wheels

HRS is a brand owned by Taiwan-based Hijoin Industrial Co., Ltd. It was introduced in India 12 years ago and is one of the longest-running and more famous foreign alloy wheel brands in the country.

HRS has over 600 alloy wheel models and is one of the largest in this aspect.

HRS (Hijoin) Wheels India dealerSai Mag Wheels

We tried to incorporate most of the alloy wheel brands that have a strong presence in India. We have left out a few too because of limited information about their dealers and products. Comment below if you think there’s a brand that need to be in the list, or contact us via mail.

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