Premier Padmini Hatchback Mod [Render]

When it comes to classic cars, renders are usually the closest you will ever see of a thorough, body-splitting modification. Owners like to keep their ‘better’ classics as stock as possible, while most of the rest goes to the dump!

Classic car restoration and modification face similar problems in India but even worse, there is a serious lack of people caring for any of them! Good renders for appreciating on Social Media is dime a dozen too. However, as I said in an earlier post, things are clearly changing!

The Premier Padmini is often called the common man’s classic and while there is no arguing its credibility, I’ve always felt that it lacked the famed Italian finesse of its parent. Most of it probably has to do with how Indianised the car has become for all of us and our eyes might be blind to anything Italian on it. However, this render by Padmuli gives us a totally different perspective!

The rear takes inspiration from another classic – The MGB GT.

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